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Softwood logs partially seasoned (14 cubic metres)

Original price was: £599.99.Current price is: £499.99.


This is a great product if you want to save money by planning for next season. We have huge stocks so please get in touch if this is of interest.

Below are some important details about this product.

  • The quantity of split logs supplied as part of this product is 18 cubic metres loose. This equates to roughly half-fill of the trailer pictured.
  • The product is partially seasoned. This particular batch was felled over a year ago so would need to be stored undercover to dry to below 20% before burning hence the lower price.
  • The logs are cut to a standard length of 25cm. This makes sure that they can fit in any stove even smaller ones. If you would like your logs cut longer just let us know.
  • We strongly recommend that you store your logs appropriately. They need to be covered in a well-ventilated store.